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Your Guide to Unexpected Valentine’s Day Gifts

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Don’t know what to get your partner for the big day? Here are a few creative ideas to make this Valentine’s day special. Give an Adventure Adventure can be anything from sky diving to a date night at Top Golf. A recent survey found that more Americans value experiences over the perfectly wrapped present. So […]

5 Steps to an Organized Garage

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Many people start their garage organization with buying storage bins and hanging shelves.  That is actually the last step!  Follow these quick and easy steps for an organized garage worthy of Pinterest! Step 1: Categorize the items in your garage. Typical categories of garage storage are garden gear, tools, automotive, and camping/sports/recreation gear.   I also […]

January 2020 – “Chick of the Month”! Erin Smith

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We are starting off our award year with a chick that has THE MOST positive and upbeat attitude!  When she comes in the office in the morning and until she leaves, this chick has a smile on her face.  More than a few occasions we’ve heard her exclaim “We got this!” when faced with a […]

7 Hacks for a Clean Car

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At 2 Green Chicks, we have spent some time this month deep cleaning our chick-mobiles, and that got me thinking.  Sometimes, it seems impossible to keep a car clean with kids, dirty shoes, and always crumbs everywhere.  Here are our favorite tips for keeping your car clean and green of course. Keep a Trash Can […]

Our Cleaning Playlist

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Keeping a house clean can be stressful, challenging, and time-consuming.  But it can also be fun, relaxing, and meditative!  Put our favorite cleaning songs on your playlist to energize you (and distract you) while you do your chores. These songs are also great to work out to for those new years’ resolutions! Classics Cleaning Songs […]

Best Home Cleaning and Organizing Blogs 2019

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Cleaning and organizing is my passion, but I’m sure that is not the case for everyone. Keeping your home clean and organized can be exhausting when you work, raise kids, see friends and family and still have time to rest. There are some great blogs out there about the most effective way to manage your […]

December 2019 – “Chick of the Month”! Abby Harris

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We’re going to go out with a bang and our final Chick of the Month for 2019 is none other than Abby Harris!! We can’t think of a better person other than her as she’s all about some glitter and sparkles!  Clients love to see her shining face come through their door to make their […]


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We are so thankful we found this chick at a Job Fair at the Norman Library!! She’s always got a smile on her face and a great attitude! Thanks Erin for all you do!

7 Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Winter

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Mind the Pipes We know that water expands when it freezes, so if there is water in your pipes when the cold comes, it will expand and can burst your pipes.  Water can also build up behind ice, and the pressure can burst your pipes.  Here is what you can do: -Drain water from outdoor […]