Clear the Clutter: A Professional Strategy for a Whole Home Reset

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Clear the cluttter

Do you ever wish you could have a do-over? Sometimes, you need to take a day or a weekend to reset your home back to clean and clear the clutter, but it could be an overwhelming project if you’ve neglected the chores for several weeks or months.

Cleaning and organizing is a big time commitment, but you’ll love the results after you’ve finished the project.

Here’s an efficient way to conduct a whole home reset to help get your place back in tip-top shape.

Start by Clearing the Clutter off Every Surface

Over time, it’s easy to throw a book here and a piece of mail there and a few days later the stacks seem to multiply and expand. The best part of cleaning off the surfaces in your home is you get to see quick progress.

So, grab a trash bag, and do a quick sweep of the house removing all the trash that might be lingering on surfaces.

Clean Your Floors

After the surfaces are cleared off, the next step is cleaning up the floors. Just like the surfaces, pick up the clutter and throw away the trash. If it is clothes, then throw them in the hamper. Sweep, mop, vacuum and consider scheduling a carpet cleaner to come in and remove the dirt and dust that might be settled below the surface.

Tackle the Kitchen

After some quick wins, you’ll probably have the motivation to tackle one of the toughest rooms in the house. Of course, cleaning the dishes is a must, but to reset your home back to clean, there are a few tougher spaces that need your attention.

Here is a short checklist:

•           Throw out bad food from the refrigerator, and clean the shelving.

•           Detail clean the oven and stove.

•           Wipe out the microwave.

•           Organize the cabinets and pantry.

Also, you know that one drawer in the kitchen with the paper clips, random keys, and pens with no ink? Yes, you do. Clean that one too.

Give yourself several hours for this room since there is typically a lot to tackle. It’s a very busy room, so clutter likes to hide in a lot of different places.

Work on the Bathrooms

The next toughest room in the house is your bathrooms. To get your home back in shape, you’ll have to finally organize those bathroom cabinets. Throw away all of the old and unused products and properly dispose of your expired medicines.

Grab some window cleaner and clean off the mirrors as well as the shower door if its glass. Speaking of showers now is the time to grab an old toothbrush and use baking soda to clean the grout and other tough corners in the tub or shower. Don’t forget to wash around the base of the toilet. Yes, it’s gross, but if not now, then when?

Remove Unnecessary Items from the Home

The next step for resetting your home back to clean is tough, but also freeing. Sometimes it is hard to donate or throw away items out of your home, especially clothes, shoes and little trinkets. A good rule of thumb is if it doesn’t have deep personal meaning and it isn’t useful, then throw it away or donate it.

The reality is, if you find out later that you actually needed a particular clothing item or something else you’ve previously donated or thrown away, then you can just replace it. However, if it hasn’t been useful for a year or longer, you probably won’t miss it much.

Finish by Touching Up the Bedrooms

Minus closets, bedrooms are pretty easy to clean. Just like the rest of the home, start with the surfaces, move on to the floors, and then take a moment to make the bed.

Before you vacuum or sweep the floors, look up at the ceiling to remove any cobwebs or dust your ceiling fan.

To finish all this work in a day or a weekend, you’ll need to use your time strategically. Don’t get lost in a new Netflix series or distracted by social media, just commit and make it happen. The rooms that will require the most time and effort are the kitchen and the bathrooms.

Bedroom closets might also be time-consuming if you have years of clothes that need to be sorted. If you have kids and a spouse, make it a family affair. Divide and conquer.

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