What we are doing to help with the COVID-19 outbreak


What we are doing to help with the COVID-19 outbreak

Thank you first of all for your outpour of support and understanding during this uncertain time.  Being a small business in Norman it’s crucial that we support our community and in times like this it’s so heartwarming for our community to support us! 


Here at the Nest we always want to make sure our chicks and our clients safety and well being are taken seriously.  I’m a lucky business owner as I have a network of so many amazing cleaning business owner friends who we chat daily, host video conference calls, share ideas and best practices and talk about what we can do to serve our clients better.


As of March 26th, 2GC is considered an essential business and we are working and still serving our clients with the additional protocol during this COVID-19 timeframe:


  • Each morning our chicks arrive for work (we are also staggering shifts to ensure we do not have more than 10 people in the office at a time) and they are prepared to take their temperature and fill out the COVID-19 Health Form click here If they are fever free they prepare to head out for the day, if they are running a fever they are sent home for 2 weeks
  • It is a requirement that they fill out the “COVID-19” daily questionnaire before beginning work – this is to ensure they are 100% healthy to enter your home.  We ask that clients also follow the restrictions and precautions on the form, however we do not ask that you fill one out at this time – for the requirements click here
  • Our chicks are wearing disposable gloves and removing their shoes while in your home (masks are optional, however they are provided if you’d like them to wear one)
  • We are practicing social distancing as we currently only have 1 Office Chick staffed (that’s me!) and are fortunate that our wonderful Operations Chick, Rachel, can work from home!
  • Disinfecting our own office twice daily and also our Chickmobiles
  • Our chicks are vigilant about washing their hands at every opportunity they can in addition to using hand sanitizers
  • In addition to our normal cleaning process (which typically includes more “green” and mild cleaners), we have added a disinfection step with a product that is EPA certified and has been proven to be effective against emerging pathogens like the Covid-19 novel coronavirus. We are using this on all “Hot spot” areas…….. see the list here
  • We do not take this added step lightly, but believe it is a sound additional precaution at this time.
  • We do not use buckets of contaminated water to mop your floors (never have).  We spray cleaner on the floor and mop with a microfiber mop head (multiple used in houses for different rooms) and washed and disinfected back here at the nest
  • Our green microfiber cloths are ideal for cleaning areas that need to stay clean and bacteria-free, such as the kitchen and bathroom and highly touched areas. With microfiber’s ability to trap bacteria, it can help to eliminate germs and keep your surfaces disinfected


We are hopeful that there will be a cure soon for this (I know now that everyone is quarantined with their kids, Mom’s may find a cure soon! HAHA!).  We will gladly come and disinfect and clean your home with the above precautions. As long as our doors are open we are here for you! Thanks again for your continued support throughout this crazy time.


Amy Wiggs-King

“Owner Chick”