Has your office been overrun? 10 Janitorial Services we recommend for businesses in 2018.

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Janitorial Services in 2018


How fresh! It’s nice coming to work every day if the office smells and looks clean, but if you’re focusing on keeping up with daily tasks, sometimes cleaning takes a back seat. If the office is starting to lose its shine, then here are ten janitorial services we recommend for businesses in the new year.

1.  Restroom Sanitization

One of the most important rooms to keep clean for both the employees and your clients is the restroom.  A dirty bathroom isn’t just gross; it’s a health and safety concern too. It’s a dreaded chore, and it is often procrastinated until it becomes a massive project. We recommend janitorial services to cover the basics.

Cleaning the bathroom includes disinfecting hot spots for germs like toilets, restroom stall doors, toilet paper dispensers, sinks, countertops and doorknobs. It also involves detailed cleaning like stocking supplies, washing the windows, removing the trash, sweeping and mopping. If the pros are doing the dirty work, then it means you can focus on the jobs you do best.


2. Break Area Cleaning

It’s okay. We’re all a little messy when it comes time for lunch. Your break area might have a few crumbs here and there, old food in the fridge and an odd persistent odor coming from the coffee pot. What’s not okay is leaving the break room dirty because it could start attracting pests you don’t want in your office space.

Janitorial services will tackle the break room in the same way they’d clean a kitchen. They’ll wash the dirty dishes, wipe off the counters, sweep the floors and mop. It might also be a good idea to occasionally invest in a deep clean of the refrigerator a few times a year.


3. Detail Cleaning in the Offices and Boardroom

You can organize all your files and clear the clutter, but when is the last time you dusted the bookshelf in the corner of the room? When it comes to a top-notch office space or boardroom, the little things can make the biggest difference.

An office cleaning service will dust all the surfaces, remove all the trash and vacuum or sweep and mop the floors.


4. Window Washing

If your office door or the entry to the building is glass, then you’ll likely have the fingerprint or two and probably even a nose smudge from a child. We recommend you include window washing in your janitorial services.

The frequency of window cleaning will depend heavily on the location of the office building. If your place of business is near a busy street or highway, then you’ll need the job completed more often. It’s also affected by weather, so if you’re experiencing a rainy season, those rain spots will need more frequent cleaning.


5. Mopping and Vacuuming

All of the floors will need regular cleaning. Cleaning floors are time-consuming, especially during the winter and spring months when employees and customers bring in the mud. This is a basic janitorial service we recommend.


6.  Carpet Cleaning

You’ll need to clean your carpets occasionally to keep them in the best shape possible. Periodic carpet cleaning will extend the life of your carpets and delay the need for you to invest in a total replacement. It’ll also remove allergens and keep the space looking impressive.


7. Stripping, Waxing and Buffing

It’s a big job, but it makes the floors in your office truly extraordinary. If you’re noticing the floors are beginning to look drab, then it might be time to invest in some really deep clean strategies. Usually, this janitorial service we recommend will be a separate fee because it will take more supplies and time than usual.


8. Odor Control

The first thing to greet your customers when they walk through the door is the smell of the office building. Dust, grime and trash will all contribute to foul odors in the space, so regular cleaning will help eliminate a lot of the problem.

However, to go the extra mile, a janitorial service could offer deep cleaning services to fight stubborn odors coming from the bathroom, kitchen or carpet.


9. Air Vent and Ceiling Fan Dusting

Another less frequent (but equally important) janitorial service we recommend for your business in 2018 is air vent and ceiling fan dusting. A lot of dust hanging around the office will be terrible for your employees and clients struggling with allergies.

Cleaning out the air vents and dusting off the ceiling fans will cut down on the particles floating in the air. It will also slow down the accumulation of dust on surfaces in your office and boardrooms.


10. Green Cleaning Programs

Customers care about the environment, and you should too. In 2018, more consumers will be environmentally conscious, and they’ll appreciate doing business with a company who go the extra mile to ensure everything they do is not harmful to the environment.

Green cleaning is a collection of new tools and practices that are applied to traditional methods.We recommend janitorial services that will provide the green products you prefer for cleaning the office.

At 2 Green Chicks we minimize damage to the environment when we clean by using products and practices that eliminate the use of harsh chemicals. We purchase green cleaners in concentrate and refill containers to cut down on waste in landfills. We also disinfect and reuse our premium microfiber cleaning cloths instead of disposable wipes or paper towels.

Check out our FAQ page to learn more about our cleaning products and services.

Of course, a janitorial service  would cut down on your todo list and help you stay focused on the business, but how much does it cost? Call us for cleaning quote at 405-928-8535.

Also, download our guide to determine whether you should clean the space yourself or hire a cleaning service.