November’s Norman HS Teacher Feature is announced!

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Teacher Feature!


On Friday, Nov. 11th Amy joined the Norman High Staff to present this month’s “Teacher Feature”! There were so many great nominations and it was a tough decision. The winner this month was Shawn Sheehan and his wife Kasey Sheehan (who just had a baby!!)!! They are a powerhouse team and deserve to sit back and relax while we take care of the chores for them!

These were the kind things that were said about them:

“Mr. Sheehan is hard at work teaching full-time, still maintaining state teacher of the year duties, running his senate campaign, and his wife is 9 months pregnant. I can’t imagine a teacher that needs a little extra help right before the baby is born.”

“He is such a hard worker while also running for senate. He and his wife are also expecting a baby and they deserve to be pampered.”

*She has prepared, flawlessly, a semester of learning for her students knowing that she will only be here until she gives birth–any time now. She has prepared for her students’ learning to continue beyond her due date… while also preparing for motherhood. 🙂

She will need someone else to clean up!”

“She gives up her lunch and plan everyday to help her students get much needed attention. ”

“She is pregnant and shouldn’t have to worry about cleaning her house before the baby gets here! Great teacher and a kind heart!”

“Kasey is pregnant with her first child and this would be a huge benefit before bring and new baby home. Her husband Shawn teaches and NHS too and is running of public office which means he is out knocking on doors each night. They are busy and would appreciate the help.”

Thanks Shawn and Kasey for all you do for the Norman School and our community!! The things you do each day make a huge impact on the future and lives of the students.

Stay tuned next month to see who the new Teacher Feature will be!!

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