Seven ways to keep your home fresh between cleaning services

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A lot can happen in a week (or a month). Clear skies or rain clouds, things can happen in and around your house that upheaves the cleanliness and leaves messes everywhere.  It can be a hassle to manage, and your cleaning services isn’t scheduled to come by for another few days.  There are a few ways to keep your home fresh between cleaning appointments.


1.  Keep Floors Clean

Using doormats and rugs at the doors you primarily use can go a long way to keep your floors clean of dirt and debris.  You could go one step further and enforce a no shoe rule in your home by having people take off their shoes on the rugs before they come in.  This also has the added benefit of keeping the clutter off your floors and in designated areas.


2. The Kitchen Conundrum

Dirty dishes can pile up in no time.  Just a few meals can leave a number of plates and utensils lying around.  Keeping dirty dishes laying around too long can lead to unwanted odors and bugs in your home.  It’s a good idea to clean dishes soon after you are done. Maybe it’s worth making it a family event to clean the kitchen after dinner.

Keeping an open box of baking soda in the fridge can keep unwanted food odors at bay. Didn’t go through the milk and eggs as fast as you thought you would? That casserole that was made a week ago may start looking funny before too long.  Toss it before it becomes too much and you can your fridge smelling and looking fresh.


3. Bathroom Blues

Soap buildup on a tub or shower can easily make it look dirtier than it really is.  The more people that use it every day, the quicker it can build up.  A quick and easy way to help it look cleaner for longer is wiping down the walls when you are done.

The sink too is often one fixture that gets dirty the fastest.  Toothpaste, hair gel and soap can turn the sink into a scummy swamp.  Like the shower or bathtub, it is important to wipe it down after each use to keep the mess to a minimum.


4. Laundry Room Litter

Busy weeks can lead to a tidal wave of dirty clothes that find their way to the laundry room.  A mountain of clothes to wade through can be daunting.  Preventing a laundry room mess can be as easy as designating certain areas for certain types of clothes.

There can be a basket for jeans, one for towels, one for shirts and one for clothes that need a delicate wash.  Sorting likes with likes can make the task of doing the laundry a breeze and is a good way to keep your home fresh between cleaning services


5. Living Room Ruckus

The easiest way to keep a living room clutter free is to keep everything in its place.  Remotes stay on the end table, toys put away in their boxes each night, blankets folded and any food and drinks picked up.  Keeping the food and drinks to the kitchen and dining room can keep the living room cleaner for longer.


6. Tidy Bedrooms

You may think making the bed is a hassle, but it is one of the quickest and easiest ways to keep a bedroom looking fresh between cleaning services.  Placing pillows and folding and putting away any extra blankets can tidy up the centerpiece of a bedroom.

Folding and hanging any clothes can keep the clutter off the furniture.  Keeping any food and drinks out can keep the room free from any unwanted bugs and odors.


7. A Good Garage

It’s easy to park your car and quickly bypass anything in the garage, but it is typically one of the places that accumulate the most stuff.  Typically bypassed by cleaning services, the garage needs constant maintenance to stay tidy.  If the garage can be maintained, the rest of the house will follow suit.

Putting tools away as soon as you use them can keep the clutter down and make them easier to find next time you need them.  Any spills need to be quickly cleaned up before they are accidentally tracked into the house, causing an even bigger mess along the way.  Are you using your garage for any storage?

Perhaps it’s time to sort through the boxes and have a garage sale where you can show off your clean home and make a little bit of side cash along the way.

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