Teacher Feature for March & April!

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On Friday, May 5th Amy joined the Norman High Staff to present this month’s “Teacher Feature”! There are always so many great nominations and it was a tough decision. However we had to make a decision – so the winner for March was Ashley Tomson and the winner for April was Rachel Karch!!

Here are some amazing things their peers said about them:

“Ashley is one of the hardest working teachers at NHS. She puts in 110% every minute she is at work. She is available to her students during and outside of class. She is a leader in our collaborative teams. Ashley is also a mentor teacher to new teachers at NHS. She deserves the extra time to hang out at home with Daniel, her son and Brandon her husband. The extra time not having to clean will allow them to have some great quality time together as a family.”

“Ashley is committed to her students and can often be found before school, during lunch, and after school helping students master their math lessons!”

“She works her butt off and always makes sacrifices to help her students.”

“Ashley is such a team player. She teaches whatever course we need her to. She organizes the Math Analysis team through super detailed outlines for each chapter. She has put all of our content, tests, keys, worksheets on google drive so we can all get to it. Most of all she takes care of new teachers. She helps the teachers around her, she makes copies for people she shares her games and activities. She is amazing to work with!”

“Rachel has gone above and beyond for her students recently. Most Fridays after school when everyone else is gone, she can be found hosting club meetings for People of the Piece hours after school lets out. Additionally, she puts an immense amount of her own time and money into her lessons to make them engaging for her students. Last semester, she dressed up as a plague doctor and held lesson by candlelight to help students envision the years of the Black Plague. More recently, I’m sure many have heard about her lesson on Trench Warfare in WWI in which he built trenches out of desks, camouflaged them, and used a fog machine to resemble toxic gas and smoke, all on her own time and dime. In addition to these voluntary and valuable responsibilities she has taken on, she does a fantastic job coaching JV Pom day in and day out, offering countless hours of her time not required of her to manage the girls and help them be better student and people off the court. Norman High has benefited from her selflessness time and again this year, and she deserves Teacher of the Month.”

“While she is a new Tiger teacher, she has moved beyond the typical classroom experience and has been offering her students unique classroom experiences which, not only help them learn the material, but also make the lessons come alive, and certainly make them more memorable. The things she’s doing require lots of preparation outside of the normal work day, and should definitely be rewarded!”

Thank you to all our teachers who are shaping the lives of young adults – we appreciate you so kick back and relax and let the chicks do the work!! 🙂

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