Where Did Spring Cleaning Come From?

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Spring cleaning is as much a part of our life as the Christmas holidays.  Maybe you pick a day or a week, enlist the family, or enjoy spring cleaning all on your own with your favorite tunes.  So how did this tradition come about?

Persian Tradition

Some researchers have traced the origin of spring cleaning to the Persian new year (Iranian Nowruz) which falls on the first day of spring.  Iranians continue the practice of khaneh tekani or “shaking the house” where everything from drapes to furniture is cleaned.

Jewish Passover

Another possibility is that’s spring-cleaning traces back to an ancient Jewish practice of thoroughly cleaning the home to prepare for Passover.

Catholic Beginnings

In Greece and other Orthodox nations, the house is cleaned right before or during the first week of lent which is called “Clean Week.”

Could it be the Climate?

In North America and northern Europe, the spring weather becomes warm enough to open windows and doors.  In the early 19th century, March was a great time for dusting because the weather was nice but not warm enough for insects.  During this time, people could turn off furnaces and wash the soot from walls and furniture.

Wherever the tradition started, spring is a great time for reflection and renewal, and a clean house is a great way to start!