Your Guide to Unexpected Valentine’s Day Gifts

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Don’t know what to get your partner for the big day? Here are a few creative ideas to make this Valentine’s day special.

Give an Adventure

Adventure can be anything from sky diving to a date night at Top Golf. A recent survey found that more Americans value experiences over the perfectly wrapped present. So think about buying tickets to an event that your partner would like or maybe plan that trip you have been discussing.

Take Care of Everything for the Day

Even if you take the kids out for the day and leave the partner with the house to themselves, there is still a ton of stuff on their minds.  If the lead caregivers (usually the mom but can be the dad too) are left alone at home, they might be tempted to do things for the family-like grocery shopping, planning, cleaning, etc. Give your partner of a true day off by taking care of everything.  Find a sitter for the kids and send your partner to the spa while you shop, plan, and clean for the week.  (You can outsource that too). 

Go Parking (Dog-Parking)

Pet owners are expected to spend $1.7 Billion on Valentine’s Day gifts for their pets this year.  That means the average person spends $12.21 on their pet!  FYI, Americans spend an average of $101. 21 on their human valentine. If your valentine loves their best Fur-iend then spend some time together at a local dog park.  Here is a list of dog parks in OKC from Yelp.

Take a Hike

The weather has been pretty nice around here on the weekends. You can take a romantic stroll for two or bring the family.  Note the plants and cloud formations.  Norman is gifted with the treasure of Sutton Wilderness Trail Park. There is a lovely nature trail with plaques that talk about wildlife.   

The Perfect Last-Minute Gift

If you are like most people, you haven’t given much thought to Valentine’s Day.  Luckily we have the perfect gift. Everyone appreciates a break from household chores.  Call 2 Green chicks and give the gift a clean house!