5 Steps to Spring Cleaning the RV

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A summer vacation may look different this year, but one way to stay safe but get somewhere too? Recreational vehicles (RVs) are transportation, hotel rooms, restroom, snack stop, and windows to a new world! Read this great story about RV travel fun!

Before you set off on your summer adventure, here are some tips to spring clean the RV.  Don’t want to do the work?  The chicks clean RV’s too!

Clean Out the Mess Hall

Begin by wiping down all of the cabinets and giving the kitchen cabinets a good clean and disinfect. Make sure and wipe clean the walls of the fridge, microwave, ovens, stoves, and anything that can’t be removed.

Scrub the Latrine

If you have a shower curtain, take it down and run it through your washing machine. Let it air dry hanging up. If you have shower doors instead of a curtain, then you’ll want to scrub them well. Don’t forget about the frame holding the shower door. It needs cleaning too.

Clean your Bed Roll

Making the RV bed can be a pain. Read a few tips here about how to make it a little easier. To do a good spring cleaning, begin by removing all the sheets, mattress covers, and comforters off and get down to the RV mattress itself. Flip the mattress or rotate as needed. Wash and clean the mattress and bedding as directed depending on the material. Don’t forget to wash any pillows or bedding that was stored over the winter.

Get in all the nooks and crannies!

If you have a vinyl ceiling, then wipe the ceiling down with a multi-surface cleaner. If you have a fabric ceiling, then use a vacuum cleaner and then spot clean with water and Dawn detergent. Make sure to remove all spider webs and clean the ceiling vents. Next, wash the windows inside and out.  Last, sweep, mop, and vacuum the floors.

Shine her up!

Last, you want to wash and wax the exterior of the RV.  Make sure to wash away black streaks that come from the roof. Make sure that you pull out and clean awnings, slide toppers, lawn chairs, pop up tents, or other outdoor equipment.  You can use Magic Erasers to get any tough stains or mildew.