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Nov 30, 2020

Christine and Evan did a fantastic job. They are pleasant, efficient and thorough! I love having them clean for me.

- Charlene G. (Norman, OK)

Nov 25, 2020

My life is total chaos and I don't know until I get up and see what alligators are in the swap today. Somedays retreating while the ladies clean is the only sane thing in the day. Or I am in the middle of something and cannot stop so they have to work around me. It is wonderful to always have the same people since they know what I need done and can go ahead and get started no matter where my body is. They go with the flow so well they are exceptional. Thank you ladies for making my life easier with a smile!

- Jaci W. (Norman, OK)

Nov 24, 2020

Our chicks did an absolutely fantastic job!!! Can't wait for our next visit!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our chicks!! ❤?❤?❤? Gayle

- Gayle H. (OKC, OK)

Nov 25, 2020

Amazing, as always!

- Amy R. (Norman, OK)

Nov 25, 2020

All tidy for the holiday.

- Peter P. (OKC, OK)

Nov 25, 2020

Once again they did a great job:)! Thanks!

- Diana W. (Norman, OK)

Nov 24, 2020

Great job!!!!

- Elaine R. (Norman, OK)

Nov 24, 2020

Thank you for the beautiful work as usual Abby and Summer. We are thankful for all the help. Rene

- Renee Mc. (Newcastle, OK)

Nov 23, 2020

They always do a phenomenal job! And they are a delight to have around. Even the dog with anxiety issues ❤️them!

- Cathy K. (Norman, OK)

Nov 24, 2020

Really, really appreciate your service. Happy Holidays!

- Linda & John C. (Norman, OK)