6 Tips to Get the House Clean in 30 Minutes

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Clean your home in 30 minutes

Picture this:  you get home from work, and as you are walking in the door, you get a text that in-laws (or friends or neighbors) are coming over in 30 minutes.  You look around, and the house is a disaster.  What do you do?  Panic?  Cry?  Don’t worry.  Here are 6 tips to get the house in order in under 30 minutes.

Clear off Surfaces

I don’t know about you, but my kitchen counters and dining room table seem to collect clutter.  Take a few minutes to clear off dishes, newspapers, mail, or whatever and do a quick wipe down with a wet cloth.

Open your Blinds

Let the sunshine in!  Natural light will make your house look warm and welcoming.  If it is nice outside, you can open the windows and let in fresh air.

Light a Candle

The first thing people notice when they step into a space is the smell.  Light a candle a few minutes before guests arrive.

Check the Bathrooms

Toilet paper? Check.  Wipe counters? Check.  Empty trash? Check.  Hand soap? Check!

Fluff and Fold

Fluff any decorative pillows that you have out and fold any blankets that you may have laying around.


Why do the streaks of the vacuum always make the house look clean?  I don’t know, but guests will notice.  Focus on the rooms that your guests will see.  It can also make the house smell fresh.

And done! WHEW!!