7 Hacks for a Clean Car

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At 2 Green Chicks, we have spent some time this month deep cleaning our chick-mobiles, and that got me thinking.  Sometimes, it seems impossible to keep a car clean with kids, dirty shoes, and always crumbs everywhere.  Here are our favorite tips for keeping your car clean and green of course.

Keep a Trash Can in the Car

There are some fun hacks on Pinterest for creative car garbage cans, but honestly, an old target sack will do.  No matter what you do, have a trash can easily accessible to the driver so trash doesn’t end up on the floor or in the door (isn’t that what that little bin in the door is for?).

Every Time You Leave, Take Something Out

It seems my car always has a collection of jackets, umbrellas, gloves, leashes, etc.  If there is stuff in the car that doesn’t belong in the car, always grab something when you go from the car to the house.  It is also a great idea to keep a trash bin right by the door in the garage so you can throw away cups and paper sacks as you walk in.

Keep Loose Change Organized

Many cars today have nifty little change storage areas, but my change never ends up there.  You can keep it contained in a small sealable container like a plastic gum container in the grocery store checkout line. The next time you need change for a car wash, toll booth, or sonic drink, it will be a lot easier to find. 

Dust and Vacuum

As you brush the dust off of the dashboard of the car, use a vacuum at the same time.  This will keep dust, dog hair, and crumbs from resettling elsewhere.

Magic Erasers are Great for Cars

I love to use a magic eraser in the house to get black marks and buildup grime off of the walls.  In the car, a magic eraser can scrub sticky stuff off of vinyl and leather.

Olive Oil to Polish Leather?

Olive oil is great to condition and polish leather. You can use it on the dashboard or the seats.

Stinky Carpets

The carpets in the car take a real beating. Spills, food, drool – you name it.  Before vacuuming the car, sprinkle a little baking soda on the carpet to absorb odors.