A Stress-free Laundry Routine

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A stress-free laundry routine

It seems like laundry is a never-ending chore.  Do kids wear 8 different outfits a day? Maybe. Some people dedicate one day a week to do all their laundry.  Some people have a “move the chains” approach where they just try to keep the laundry moving.  Here are some simple steps to get your laundry done without going crazy.

Use a divided hamper

There are great divided hampers on amazon.com. Depending on how many compartments you have, you can sort delicates, lights, and darks ahead of time, so you don’t need to sort before you do laundry.

Put a load in every night

Before you go to bed every night, put a load in the washer, but here is the trick – don’t start the washer at night.  You don’t want wet clothes to sit all night and mildew. If you have a super techy washer, you can set it for a delayed start for the next morning.

Start the washer first thing in the morning

When you first wake up, add detergent and start the washer.  Maybe while you are making coffee?

Switch clothes before you leave

While the clothes are washing, you can go about your morning routine. Right before you leave for work, put wet clothes in the dryer.

Fold the clothes at night

There is nothing worse than facing an enormous pile of laundry to fold but folding one load isn’t so bad.  You can run the dryer for a couple of minutes when you get home to shake out any wrinkles and then fold it while dinner is cooking, while watching TV, or right before you go to bed.  You could also make this one of the kid’s chores or recruit the husband to fold while you are watching your favorite TV show together.

If you use this routine, you can go to bed every night feeling satisfied that you moved the laundry along! You also don’t waste an entire day doing laundry or must fold a mountain of laundry at one time (which, let’s face it, usually just sits there and we dive for clean clothes every day).

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