Back to School Cleaning Routines to Make Life Easier

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It’s that time of year! Everyone is returning to school and summer vacations are winding down. Fall will be here in the blink of an eye, and we will all be scrambling about Target for food-allergy-friendly class treats, sipping a PSL, and hoping no one notices our third-day unwashed hair and the baby spittle on our t-shirt, because the house is a wreck and laundry is low on the priority list (but becoming more urgent).

Ugh okay, let’s rewind. How can we work smarter now to prevent us from being the frazzled last-minute Target mom tomorrow? Well, the semester has only just begun, school supplies are purchased, and new clothes and shoes are purchased, so let’s start there!

Eliminate Outgrown and Worn-Out Clothing

Go through your child’s closet and sort clothing and shoes into a hand-me-down pile, a donate pile, a trash pile, and a keep pile. Don’t forget things like socks and underwear, because those smaller clothing items can easily get lost and cause a mad scramble in the morning. Neatly organize potential hand-me-downs in totes labeled by size and put them away. Be sure to get a tax receipt when you take in those donate items!

Create a Kid-Accessible Space

When putting away new clothes and clothes to keep, consider your child’s routine. By making items more accessible to them, you could potentially help them become more independent and shave valuable time off your morning routine. Try utilizing a plastic bin with drawers labeled with the days of the week to organize each day’s outfits. Before the week begins you and your child can pick out matching outfits together, so they feel that they have choices and responsibility.

Prepare a Drop Zone

Another way to keep routines moving along seamlessly is having a drop zone for essential items. A space in an entryway closet or a mudroom space for backpacks, purses, gym bags, and shoes can prevent the search in the morning for those essential items.

Meal Prep
Lunch is also a constant battle to keep up. While meal prep may sound daunting, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Take advantage of pre-cooked items like pre-cooked frozen or rotisserie chicken, microwave steamer bags of rice, and frozen mixed veggies. A healthy meal prep is only 30 minutes away. Don’t feel like you have to prep for the entire week. Prep a few days at a time to account for things like unexpected meals out with colleagues or forgotten lunches.

Create an After School Routine

Create a checklist of items for your child to do when they return home from school. This will help create healthy habits and help transition your child into the next part of their day. Some examples of things they can do when they get home include putting their backpack and shoes away, washing hands, making themselves a snack, designating free time before homework, setting the table for dinner, and any other things that fit into their unique routine.