Creative Spring Cleaning Tips

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Spring is here!  Flowers are blooming, allergies are raging, and tornadoes are coming!  Even though spring can be unpredictable in Oklahoma, you can still begin your spring cleaning routine.  Here are some creative spring cleaning tips for having a little fun during your chores.

Clean electronics with slime

Computer keypads and phone screens can get really gunky.  Use your kids play-doh or silly putty to clean your keyboard by squishing it over the keys and then lifting the putty off.  This will get the yucky stuff between the keys.  Wipe phone screens with Lysol wipes.

Add more power to your cleaning routine

Make your own power scrubber to rub away that grime in the bathroom. You can buy a cleaning brush attachment to your drill!  That’s right.  Forget about elbow grease and power up your scrubbing.  You can buy the cleaning brush attachment at Home Depot or from

Re-fluff your towels

Re-fluff your pillows and towels by running them through the washer with nothing but vinegar.  That’s right!  The vinegar strips the residue from fabric softeners and detergents and leaves your pillows and towels feeling soft again.

Use your dishwasher to its full potential

Are you still using your dishwasher to only wash dishes??!! Well, I have news for you.  It can do more: hubcaps, figurines, wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, toys, flip flops, hairbrushes, makeup brushes, ball caps, dog toys, grill racks, dog collars, car keys, shower puffs, fingernail clippers, and hair trimmer guards can all go in the dishwasher.  Wow!

Remove pet hair with a hand mixer

Lint rollers are great for a small area, but big areas need big tools.  Attach one beater to a hand mixer, put an ankle sock over the end of the beater and secure it with a rubber band.  Lightly mist water over the couch or chair and turn the mixer on low.  Hold the sock against the cushion and move it back and forth.