The Difference Between Merry Maids House Cleaning and Us

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woman-cleaning-the-counterWe’ve had a few people ask us a really good question – what’s the difference between Merry Maids House Cleaning and 2 Green Chicks? So let us take a moment to clarify. The answer is, ahem – everything!

Where Merry Maids is the dark side of the moon, we are the light. They are a franchise, while we are an innovative, Norman, Oklahoma-owned, women-owned business. They use conventional, chemical cleaners, and we are green cleaning queens. Also, we’re really fun to work with and love what we do as we transform your home from messy chaos to sparkly clean perfection. They might be fun too, but it’s impossible to be as fun as we are – just saying.

The Difference Is in the Green

2 Green Chicks is a Norman, OK house cleaning and organizational service for the 21st century. We don’t just care about the environment, which is why we recycle all used bottles back at the office and have traded in disposable paper towels for reusable cloth; we care about your well-being.

While years ago the health risks associated with bleach, ammonia, and the VOCs that are wafted into the air every time a conventional cleaning product is used wasn’t common knowledge, today the cat’s out of the bag. These cleaners are harmful. Don’t take it from us, hear it from the American Lung Association. Breathing in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other dangerous substances can increase your chances of developing respiratory problems, including asthma. The threat is particularly an issue for young children.

As far as we are concerned, continuing to use these products in homes and businesses is doing Norman a disservice. That’s why we use specially formulated green cleaning solutions so you know your home isn’t just fresh and clean – it’s safe and non-toxic. We also use HEPA filters on our vacuums and are committed to no- or low-VOC products. Merry Maids isn’t a green cleaning service.

…And the Clean

We’re not just bright-eyed and green – we’re really good at what we do. We will make your home or commercial space glisten and gleam. Our clients tell us that coming home after we’ve been there cleaning is like walking into a serene landscape, the sun is shining (it’s just your lamp), the air is fresh (yes, it is!) and everything is in its place.

If you don’t feel this way, we guarantee our work. We’ll come back within 24 hours to ensure you are in clean home heaven.

We Are Even Tech Savvy

Yup – we are fluid and forward-thinking tech mavens. Merry Maids house cleaners cannot boast our level of technological acumen. We use iPads in the field because they make life easier for you and for us (the driving force behind innovation), and they are eco-friendly.

And Socially Responsible

2 Green Chicks has a retirement program for our cleaning chicks. We also make personal development a priority and provide workstations for our team to work on school work and skill development.

If you’re still not crystal clear on the canyon that stands between us and Merry Maids, then give us a call, try us out and experience the difference for yourself.