June 2020 – “Chick of the Month”! Christine Langston!

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We just can’t say enough positive things about this chick! 

Christine can’t ever sit still!  When her and her crew stop by the office in-between houses for a break, she just won’t take one!  She’s doing laundry, cleaning, organizing her equipment – you name it!  She’s innovative and has a keen eye for things that “fit” and make sense.

During the pandemic she was here every day, on time and ready to take on the day – no complaints.  

Christine runs a tight ship and is super helpful when training new hires.  We have had many compliments from new trainees about how much detail she gives during training.  One trainee said, “She gave me a really cool tip on how to remove streaks on glass!” This may sound trivial but it’s so important to have that detail in your “toolbox” of cleaning tricks!

Thanks, Christine, for all you do – we appreciate you!! CONGRATS!