March Madness Cleaning!

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march madness cleaning

It is almost March, and that means warmer weather, spring break, and basketball!  Even if you don’t watch the NCAA tournament, you can get in on the fun by making a family chore bracket where everyone in the family wins (especially you).

Here is How it Works

If you have never followed March Madness, here is the deal.  Each year since 1939, U.S. college basketball teams compete in a single-elimination (one loss and you are out) tournament of 68 teams that compete in seven rounds for the national championship.  The last round is known as the Final Four when only four teams are left to play. 

Get your Family in on the Fun

Since March is spring cleaning month, you can make a bracket for spring chores.  Big chores can be broken down into smaller, more manageable tasks.  For example, “clean your room” could be divided into make bed, empty trash, organize shelves, vacuum floor, and so on. 

Once you have a list of chores, you can put them in a bracket in place of starting teams. Your family can compete head to head to see who finishes their chore bracket first, or you can all work together for a family reward. Here are some age-appropriate chores you can use for your bracket.

Here is what your bracket might look like!

If you are competing, there can be first, second, third, and fourth prizes.  If you are all working together, you can reward the family with a dinner or a movie.  For little ones, you can reward each “round” with screen time or a piece of chocolate.  You can complete brackets in one day or complete one round each weekend. 

There are no rules that say you must clean all by yourself or that family cleaning has to bore.  The family that cleans together stays together!