October Cleaning Checklist

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Pumpkins, fall festivals, and Halloween, oh my!  Fall is in full swing, and the holidays will start coming fast.  This month you can focus on cleaning your washer and dryer, so they are ready for those heavy winter clothes.

Cleaning Top-loading Washers

Start by removing the dispenser tray and washing with soapy water to eliminate built-up detergent and fabric softener.  After replacing the tray, fill the empty washing machine with hot water and one cup of bleach, sit for one hour, and run a long cleaning cycle.  Next, refill the washer with hot water and two cups of vinegar, let it sit for one hour, and then run another long cleaning cycle.  Last, run one more hot water cycle to clean out the bleach and vinegar thoroughly. 

Cleaning Front-loading Washers

Front-loading washers commonly form mold inside the door seal.  You can mix one part bleach and nine parts water to clean the seal with a small toothbrush thoroughly.  Repeat the cleaning cycle from the top-load washer section above.

To keep mold from forming in front-load washers, avoid leaving wet clothes overnight. Air out the machine by leaving the door open when the washer is not being used.

Cleaning the Dryer

Start by removing the ling trap, cleaning it with soapy water, and then set it aside to dry.  Use the vacuum cleaner and a nozzle attachment to clean the area where the lint trap sits.  You can use a cloth and vinegar to wipe inside the dryer drum. Clean the air vents with a clean damp cloth.  Last, you can use a gentle cleaner to wipe down the dryer’s outside and use a Magic Eraser to get rid of scuff marks.