Organization Tips for a Stress-Free Winter

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The holidays are just around the corner, and before you know it, you will be busy decorating, baking, and merry-making.  Here are some organizational tips to make the season easier.

Focus on Your Closet

Changing seasons is a great time to donate clothes that you don’t wear anymore and put out-of-season items in storage. Clearing out bathing suits, shorts, and sundresses means you have less to store, and you know what you may need to purchase next year.

Consider Space-saving Solutions

Winter clothing is bulkier than summer and spring clothes, so now is a good time to think about organization solutions like cascading hangers, clever folding, and drawer dividers. Add some fun hooks for coats and scarves.

Simplify Your Mornings

School is in full swing, so you may have identified the areas that slow your family down in the morning.  Make sure you are well stocked on everyday essentials and that they are easily accessible.   Joni and Kitt of Practically Perfect, a Los Angeles–based organizing and lifestyle company, suggest creating a “launch space” in the entryway or mudroom where kids what they need for the day as they head out the door.

Start Planning for the Holidays

It is hard to even start thinking about it, but planning ahead can alleviate stress around the holidays. Set aside space for a gift wrapping zone. If you plan to have guests, start clearing the rooms out and take note of anything that needs to be purchased.  Throw away any aged or broken holiday decorations (if they aren’t sentimental, of course) and consider donating any gently used decorations you haven’t used in a long time.