Six Steps to an Organized Kitchen

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Do you feel like you can never find anything while you are cooking?  Do you have to make several trips back and forth across the room?  Here is a 6 step process to make your kitchen organized and easy to use!

Empty all of the cabinets.

Pull everything out of every cabinet and begin grouping items together. Group items together like cups (cups, glasses, coffee cups, travel mugs), plates (everyday and fancy), silverware (everyday and fancy if you have it), utensils (cooking and baking), pots and pans with their lids, plastic containers, mixing bowls, serving ware (platters, etc). Discard or donate items that you don’t use anymore or that you have duplicates of. Be ruthless! If you don’t how where to start, consider using the KonMari method.

Organize the Cabinets.

Decide where groups of items should be stored.  Cooking and baking supplies, as well as utensils, should be kept where you do food preparation. Cups and glasses should go near the sink or fridge.  Put a coffee/tea station near a water source with mugs, sugar, and filters.

Use clear containers to store items.

You can group small items into larger storage containers.  For example, store sauce and gravy mixes, with hot cereal packets and hot cocoa envelopes, and tiny boxes like gelatin or pudding mix in a plastic container, so they are not scattered. 

Store containers and lids together.

Discard containers without lids!  This is a hard one for me.  Pots, pans, and plastic containers are most often used with their lids, so get rid of them if you don’t have the pair.

Use vertical space.

You can use hooks underneath a countertop to store mugs or a stemware rack for wine glasses. Adhesive hooks are great for the inside of the cabinet and pantry doors to hole measuring cups, oven mitts, or kitchen tools.  Consider using wall space to hang pots and pans and free up flat space in cabinets.

Use drawer dividers.

Drawer dividers help create a place for everything so you can quickly find what you need and return it when you are done.

Happy organizing!