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  • Residential Cleaning

    Green. Clean. It's Our Thing! with Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly or One-Time Cleanings.

    We do move in/move outs, deep cleans, post- construction cleanings and anything can be customized to fit your needs!

  • commercial cleaning in norman, ok

    Commercial Cleaning

    We clean small commercial businesses in the Moore and Norman areas.

    We would be more than happy to come to your place of business for an in-person consultation.

  • organizing help in oklahoma


    We bring harmony and structure to any space.

    Have a project that you just can't seem to tackle solo? Let our chicks come help create a great space for you!!

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DIY Cleaning vs. Professional House Cleaning

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2 Green Chicks provides commercial and residential green cleaning and organizing services. We are locally owned and operated and blend an appreciation for cleanliness with a commitment to a greener lifestyle.

2 Green Chicks provides Green Cleaning using natural, biodegradable, and nontoxic cleaning supplies. Green cleaning is good for allergy and asthma sufferers and anyone chemically sensitive who have heightened concerns for what cleaners are used in their home.


Our other services include home and office organizing. Whether you need a new filing system or an entire house organized, let us efficiently change your space into a pleasant, organized area.

We also offer Intelligent Packing. We organize your belongings and help you decide on donating, selling or moving. Then we carefully pack your belongings with contents and room listed. Then we can also do the cleanup!!

Meet the Chicks



Owner Chick

Amy began her career immediately after high school graduation with the Hertz Corporation and was there for 6 years. In 1997 she landed a position at Lucent Technologies (which soon became AVAYA, Inc) and served on the national staff for process improvements and communications. Before entering the cleaning business in 2011, Amy roamed North America and Europe as a traveling consultant and trainer for IBM. Although she loved being a jet-setter for a time, she also wanted to start a family. After her son Keegan was born in 2010 she left IBM and began searching for a way to start her own business that would give her the flexibility to be both a Mom and an Entrepreneur. Initially, Mrs. King started her own organizing company called The Organizer Miser. It quickly grew to about 10 recurring clients and it was a great learning experience for Amy in the art of self-employment. Amy rolled her organizing clients into 2 Green Chicks after acquiring the company. Since acquiring 2 Green Chicks, LLC, Amy Wiggs-King has transformed the company. Starting with one employee and a garage full of supplies, Amy focused her energy on marketing and providing a consistent quality clean to her clients. Today 2 Green Chicks employees 16+ cleaning chicks, 2 staff members, owns 2 cars, office space and the best part is she has her garage back! Mrs. King holds a Masters in Management and a B.S degree in Organizational Leadership from Southern Nazarene University. Her professional experience includes a background in management, project management and curriculum development. Her non-professional experience includes lots of Disney Infinity, t-ball games and lots of love from her family.
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Child Chick

Keegan earns his keep around the nest by folding cloths, providing laughs for the chicks and eating snacks.  His hobbies are talking, Minecraft, Legos and anything related to poop emoji's.
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Quality Chick

Rachel is a kind, generous and somewhat shy person when you get to first know her (then she's crazy - just kidding!!) lol. Her favorite room to clean is the kitchen and she loves using the magic eraser. She loves spending time with her kiddos, planting flowers, and reading. Clients love her and so do we!
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Culture Chick

Ann is Amy's Mom and she is "retired".  She is a very loyal person and loves making others happy.  She is so proud of her grandson and loves spending time with him.  She loves casinos, puzzles and playing games on her iPad :-)  She's awesome at keeping things in shape around here at the Nest!  We are so happy to have her!
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Chick Crew Lead

Christine was born in California and LOVES her dog. She's a very easy going person and loves to watch movies. Her favorite movie is Labyrinth and she loves listening to anything Brittany Spears. Her favorite rooms to clean are the bathroom and kitchen. When you get a chance ask Christine how things went when she tried to save a squirrel from a dog...........HAH!
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Chick Crew Lead

Jami was born in Ardmore, OK. She wears her heart on her sleeve. She gets along with everyone even though she's a little shy at first. She enjoys photography and singing. Her favorite movie is Erin Brokovich and she loves the song "When You Believe" by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. She said that she loves cleaning bathrooms because they get the dirtiest and you can tell when it's clean! She hopes one day to have her own photography business!
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Chick Crew Lead

Gwenn was born in the fabulous Norman, OK! She has 3 kiddos and 2 dogs. She loves to read, watch Netflix, be outdoors. She also loves crocheting, knitting and sewing. Her favorite room to clean is the bathroom as you can see the biggest difference after cleaning! She LOVES the Marvel movies and her favorite song is "Ophelia" by the Lumineers.
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Cleaning Chick

Kim found us via her awesome sister, Christine!!! (can you see the resemblance?!)  Kim was born in Honolulu.  She is very optimistic, competitive, loving, fun and adventurous!  In her spare time she loves to go fishing, hunting, hiking and swimming.  She also builds amazing aquariums!  Her fav movie is Scarface and her fav song is "1000 Miles from Nowhere" by Dwight Yokum.  (I know you can't see it, however her handwriting is IMPECCABLE!!) LOL
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Chick Crew Lead

Charity was born in Oklahoma City and has 3 poochies named, Piggy, Mimzy and Romo. She is very kind and compassionate - she has a HUGE heart :-) Her daughter, Madison, is her pride and joy and is so proud of the young woman she has become. She loves watching her dance and is proud of her positive attitude. Charity loves to scuba dive, swim and hang out with Madison.
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Cleaning Chick

Ethel is a University of Oklahoma retired custodian. She is a very loyal and dependable person! She enjoys making others smile. Cleaning is her passion. The only thin he enjoys more than cleaning is spending time with her 6-year-old granddaughter, Gabriella. They are best friends!!
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Cleaning Chick

Summer was born in Bethany, OK and has 4 dogs and a parrot! You would never believe this but she can walk on her hands for a long time! LOL She's also a vegetarian :-) She loves cleaning bathrooms and her favorite movie is Dazed and Confused. She has aspirations of becoming a dog groomer!
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Commercial Chick

Maegann was born in the small town of Canton, OK. She has a dog named Millie Kate and loves pinterest crafts and NAPPING! LOL She's super laid back and easy going and likes to keep a positive outlook on life. Her Mom is her hero and Maegann is currently going to OU and pursing her degree in special education!! Maegann works our Commercial accounts on the weekends since she's attending school throughout the week! What a great go-getter she is!!
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Chick Crew Lead

Trinity was born in Oklahoma City and has 2 precious kiddos - Delilah (3) and Donnie (1 year).  She loves watching TV and going to EDM shows.  She can't get enough of the grout brush because it gets in all the nooks and crannies! lol  She wants to be a dental assistant in the future!
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Cleaning Chick

Kaylee was born in Chickasha, OK and has 2 dogs named Ollie and Barkley.  She loves to hang out with her friends and sleep and eat (hahhaha) She loves to dust and clean kitchens and said that she LOVE to see floors get clean :-)  Her favorite movie is Titanic and loves listening to Fall Out Boy!
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Commercial Cleaning DUDE

Bio coming soon!!
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Cleaning Chick

Eliana has a zest for life and always has a smile on her face! She was born in Oklahoma and loves to read, paint and binge watch TV.  She loves the movie Grease and loves vacuuming as she can see all the dirt she gets! LOL  In the future Elie said we will see her on the big screen as in movies or TV shows!! Go Elie! (don't forget the little people! LOL)
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Cleaning DUDE

Warrick is Jami's son! He was born in Ardmore, OK and has 2 Cats (Yuki and Bella), 1 Guinea Pig (Echo) and a dog named Carlisle. :-)  He is funny and outgoing, he loves to workout (yes he said he was at the gym one day for 3 hours?!? WHA?!) He also likes video games and working on cars.
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