Key Qualities to Look for in House Cleaning Services

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Qualities of a good cleaning service


Great! You’ve decided to hire a cleaning service to help manage your home chores. How do you choose the right company? What are the red flags?  You’ll probably spend hours researching options online and looking at the services close to you, but what should you look for in the best housekeeper?


Reliable References

A good quality house cleaning service will have references. Depending on how long they have been in business, they should have a history of quality service.  Online reviews are a good place to start.  There you can check ratings by reviewers.  It is probably a good idea to call and get your references.  Get an idea of what the company and its employees are like.  The best house cleaning services will have these options ready for you.


Flexible Schedules

You lead a busy life and you need your schedule worked around.  That’s ok, and a good quality maid service will agree with you.  Figure out what days work best.  Depending on your household, it may be a good idea to determine how often you need cleaning.  Do you have kids or teenagers? Maybe a weekly service if good for you.  Is it just you and your spouse working full time? Perhaps a monthly cleaning service will be more than enough.  The best house cleaning service will help you determine what schedule is best for your needs.


A Variety of Cleaning supplies

Find out if they will use the cleaning supplies you provide, or if they will bring their own. Learn if they use cleaning supplies that are safe for your children or pets. Determine if you need to provide any special cleaning supply requests or if they will bring it all. Regardless, they should have a recommendation for what would work best on which surface.  The best companies will use the best cleaning supplies for you and your home.


The Right Equipment

Like with the cleaning supplies, it would be a good idea to find out what equipment the company has and will use in your home.  The best service will know what to use on carpet, hardwood, tile and stone.  Double check and find out what they will be using on your surfaces.


Several Payment options

Is it cash or credit? Monthly or after every visit.  Cleaning a home is a lot of work and it should be discussed early on what your budget is.  A good house cleaning service will work with your budget to get your home as clean as possible. There should also be clear expectations on when and how to make payments. The best house cleaning service will provide several options that will work best for you.


Bonding and Insurance

Accidents can happen.  Before they do, make sure your house cleaning service is bonded and has insurance.  Bonding will cover broken item from a misplaced mop handle, or if something is stolen.  Check what their policy and coverage is before you make your decision.  Insurance covers accidents that may happen to the housekeeper as they clean your home.  Most homeowners policies won’t cover such an incident, so it is good to know if a cleaning service has their own liability insurance to cover any slip-ups.


Quality Assurance and Guarantees

You want your home to look its best.  Hiring a house cleaning service is a great way to get your home in tip-top shape, but you don’t want to pay for a service that does a mediocre job.  Find out what kind of quality assurance procedures your housekeeper has.  Are the cleaning technicians trained?  Is there a supervisor that checks their work?  Find out if the company has any guarantees for their service and figure out what it covers in case you feel the need to invoke it. The best maid will always ensure their work and come back to fix a project if you are not satisfied.


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